Chairman: Gellwynn Jusuf
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
Meity Mongdong
Conservation International (CI)
Nataniel D. Mandacan
Government of West Papua Province
Lukas Rumetna
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) & WWF-Indonesia
Yulianus Thebu
Papua People’s Assembly
Felia Salim
Financial & Investment Expert
Matthew Burton
Yono Reksoprodjo
Private Sector
Heather D’Agnes
Walton Family Foundation
Chris Filardi
Nia Tero
Science and Conservation Advisory Committee (SCAC)
Chairman: Meity Mongdong
Lukas Rumetna
Dr Mark Erdmann
M. Erdi Lazuardi
Dr Selvy Tebay
Local Representative Committee (LRC)
Chairman: Nataniel D. Mandacan
Yulianus Thebu
Frida Klasin
Investment Advisory Committee (IAC)
Chairman: Felia Salim
Michael Curry